Various treatments

Full vortex healing treatment –

VortexHealing works individually on one or all of our bodies simultaneously: the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, karmic, and allows healing and transformation in the deepest levels.

This healing is within the angelic energy system, which channels light and divine consciousness to heal the physical body and release & transmute emotional and limiting thought patterns. 
We shell undo karmic connections ready to unravel and will wake-up to our true selves.


Kundalini clearing

To clean and evolve the kundalini channel, to enable the energy to run better, especially near the base of the spine. This energy feeds and strengthens the entire nervous system and body.



This treatment was designed to release conditioning more quickly. It contains millions of life-frequencies and all the color variations of light to re-set systems in the body.


Breaking time lines

Helps to empty the system of history and trauma. It helps with the help Shakti to "brake" the time of trauma in space and release the person from ancient aches.


This treatment release personal issues, Karmic and ancestral imprints from the DNA, as well as to effect changes in the epigenetic level.


Life form

This treatment works solely through channeling consciousness. We Channel consciousness of perfect life form for either the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual, or karmic body, or all of them together.



This tool is the fastest and the deepest for releasing conditioning. It bridges everything into the divine with depth and speed.


Omega works with Merlyn's jewel (which is pure divine magic hologram). We use the hologram of the universe to manifest healing within the Omega ball. Omega works deeply and helps us to release from the 5th dimensional as well as the pr-karmic level. To work on an issue on this level is astounding.



Designed to develop and expend the consciousness and to bridge it into more awakened state. By channeling this movement to others, it helps to integrate the awakening process and brings light from the 8th dimension. 


Sensing the body

Sensing brings direct impact on the energy system and increases the sensing ability. It enables the healer to deepen the navel hookup and a better psychic perception and to deep the healing on others.