The keeper of the secrets - Shahar interviews Kahuna Kaleii

Translated from Hebrew – Racheli Ganon

Kahuna Kaleiilaliaii is a Hawaiian Shamanic. She was born a Kahuna, "The secrets keeper". This particular job knowledge was received by her ancient aunt-sisters in order to pass it on.

During an interview with her she tells the story of the aunt sisters that were part of the ancient Lemuria continent, on what's happening in the world today and our job as Israelis. Like her old friend – Kryon, she brings an optimistic message: "We carry more light nowadays more than in all the history of the universe".

The wonders of Facebook introduced me to Kahuna Kleiihilahi Three and a half years ago. We became friends on Facebook and I watched the photos and read the messages of this Hawaiian Shamanic from a distance. When she arrived to Israel on October 2016 as part of the Kryon team, I registered to her workshop, of course. I will never forget these four hours workshop with Kahuna. Her simplicity, honesty and stirring love moved me so much. Her messages that were meant to encourage us light workers, and expose us to our gifts, were exactly what I needed to hear at this point in time. So I asked to interview her for "Other life" magazine and was glad she accepted.

After a few weeks, we conducted the interview via Skype. And even an month and a half later, when I transcribed it, her words and her energy were still exciting and moved my heart. I hope this article wills manage to pass on a little bit of this experience.

Big and exciting

The first obvious question I introduced to Kahuna was about the meaning of her name. Her reply was that the name – Kahuna, has two meanings which is a typical thing in the Hawaiian Language. Every word has an obvious meaning and a hidden spiritual meaning. The meaning of the word is – "The secret" and the other meaning is – "The keeper of the secrets".

Q- Kahuna, is this a job?

A – "I was born "Kahuna" and it's not something you are trained for. It's similar to the search for the Dalai-Lama in Tibet, when the elders are looking for the signs in the child who is his incarnation. Hawaiian people know in advance which child will be born "Kahuna". They are looking for a certain behavior that shows a different quality and knowledge that differentiate them from other children. Usually the elders know beforehand. They receive massages through dreams and communication with their aunt sisters and according to them, the appointed child will be the next Kahuna in the realm.

There are different Kahuna. For instance, there are Kahuna who specializes in singing, who channels through beautiful Chants that they pass on for generation to generation. There is a Kahuna who heals with plants and others who specialize in Keanu building. Each one of the Kahuna is a guardian of the areas they specialize in".

Q – Are you the first woman who is a Kahuna?

A – There were always women Kahuna. I am not the first one at this job. But I am the first to receive a certain knowledge that was always carried by man. It was given to me by a mail Kahuna. I feel this is bigger than my understanding. It is so big for me and I am so excited to go through this experience. My aunt sisters say it is related to the balance of the feminine energy in the world. This is the time to balance this energy and we as woman carry the softness of this motherly nurturing energy. I carry such a wonderful knowledge that was given to me as a woman since this is the right time for woman to carry it. This is part of the reason but there is more here than meets the eyes."

Q – What is the background noise that I am hearing?

A – "You hear the rain the pours strongly. I live in a virgin forest and I want you to know that these are the ancients who are crying from joy for this communication that we have…ha ha ah….The rain is very significant to us, the Hawaiian people. There are different types of rain and we have 44 different names for rain. It is the aunt sisters who are filled with happiness. The noise of the rain is weakened a little bit. You were in my workshop in Israel, didn't you? So you know I cry easily".

Love and light

Q – I asked Kahuna what is so special in Hawaii

A – Well, Hawaii is Lemuria. The islands of Hawaii are the remains of a mighty Roller chain that was part of Lemuria, or as the ancient called it – "MU". For thousands of years they spoke of an ancient continent by the name of "MU" that is known better now as – "Lemuria". 10,000 years ago, the poles started to melt, the continent was flooded, and this is what's left of it. When it happened, we had to leave with our Keanu's and sail to other places. We were not sure whether the land will sink completely. The Lemurians sailed to locations like New-Zealand, Easter Islands, Mount Shasta which is part of California and Alaska.

The Hawaiians were specialists Keanu navigators and they used the stars, the sky and their understanding of tides. We specialize in astronomy and communication with our aunt sisters in the stars constellation called – "The Pleiades".

Kahuna also mentioned that the time period between November till the end of February is special. "At this time we honor the love, the compassion, the abundance by the name of – LONO. The great creator is EIO. He has 4 different aspects and LONO is one of them. I am a High Priestess in LONO's order and that is the reason I am at the pick of my strength now. This is the time of Peace. In ancient times, it was the season of harvest and wars were prohibited at this period of time. This is time for fertility and love. Even now we celebrate this season and one of the reasons is that you can see the Pleiades more clearly than any other time. The Pleiades is the place we came from and we honor our spiritual parents".

"There is no "Hell" in our tradition. We are returning to the spirit world, to our aunt sisters in the Pleiades. They send us love now, and you can see them in the sky. Do you see the telescope? It helps me see my spiritual family which is your family too".

Q – What do you think of what is happening in the world today?

A – "Kryon is my old friend. What I love about him is that his messages are similar to what my ancients tell me. They often deliver a massage and the next day or in different period of time I will hear a Kryon's channeling who says the exact same things. That's how I know that we are all connected through God's love."

"The massage from my aunt sisters is the same. "We carry more light nowadays. more than in all the history of the universe". People say: "Terrible things are happening. How can you say that Peace is on its way? Are you crazy?" Everything that happens is thanks to the light we create that enlightens all the dark things that are were and still happening for thousands of years. Things are not getting worst. We just get to see them now. It happens so that we can change it, and that is something worth celebrating."

"The ancients say that the essence of who we are is – Aloha which means – Love. They send you deep love, now the sun rises here. They ask me to tell you they send deep love for Israel. They want you to know that. Their massage is of hope at this time since the work of thousands of years is coming to fruition. The lights brightens now all the dark things that are conducted here so that we can stop them".

Q – Can you tell us why In Israel it looks the other way around?

A – Remind yourself we are winning this battle of light even it doesn't look this way. There were times where we couldn't see what is really happening in the world, and now we can. People can choose. We can always choose between fear and love. Fear is the awareness of war while love is the strongest power in the universe and as such it diminishes the fear. In any given moment we can choose one of them. In each moment we can reselect love. When you see the harsh things that take place in the world, choose love and say to yourself: "We are winning in the battle of light". This, according to our aunt sisters, will give you hope.

Commitment and sowing

According to Kahuna, our body can say to us if we come from fear or love. For instance, when we watch the news or hear something that the response for it is fear, this is the sign we choose fear. In the spirit world there is no judgment of the things we do. They enable us to choose. From a place that has no attachments, it is easier to choose love. When we identify, we are caught in fear. This is our choice. While experiencing fear, we can say – "we choose peace instead". I, for example, don't watch the news.

Q – But you know what is happening…

A – "Yes. I know. I heard a Kryon channeling that says things about the ones who choose not to watch the news. The reason is they don’t match the glory of the god within us. Isn't it beautiful? The news creates fear, lack of hope and despair and that's the way fear wins. I choose not to get into it. I choose the world. I don't have to know about all the hard things that are happening in it. I understand the general idea of what's happening."

Q – Why where you so excited to be in Israel?

A – "When I was 19 years old, I left Hawaii and moved to California. I had a Jewish roommate there. Until then, I heard about Jews only in relation to the Holocaust. I never met a Jew before. She taught me of her spiritual routs and her religion. She started to teach me Hebrew and the sound of the language made me cry. That is the reason why I said the prayer – "Shema Israel". I felt the holiness of the letters. Later on when I was in my 30, I studied "Kabala". When we read the book of the "Zohar", the rabbi that thought us mentioned that people could cure themselves just from scanning it with their eyes. I believe it is true. We couldn't take the book home but we could sit in class and scan it. I used to cry while doing it. The energy is so deep."

"Before this interview, I asked the elders to tell me why I feel such a deep attraction to Israel. I wrote about it in my Blog. When I was in Israel, I set in a Bar with a friend of mine. When someone came in with a prayer book it made me start crying. He prayed and I cried. My aunt sisters started to give me a massage of what is going on while my friend recorded everything I said. They told me that on a cell level, that person knew who I was and I knew who he was. This revelation made me cry even more. Many of the Jews that I met are drawn to Lemuria. The ancients talked about it and showed me that in the Hebrew language there is a connection to Lemuria. That was the reason I felt it. In Lemuria, the frequency was higher than today. We were more enlightened and the Divine connection was stronger than. I was told that the language reminds me through its sacredness, the place which I come from. In Lemuria we had no written language, but the signs and the sounds are connected."

"Kryon says that Jews are incarnating for thousands of years only as Jews. According to the ancients, their commitment to do so is very deep and their love for the planet and for the one God brings them to take on this responsibility time and time again. They also say that you deserve a lot of honor for it. On an intuitive level, I always knew who you are and why you are here. I always felt this deep connection."

Q – A lot of Israelis leave Israel to other countries since life here became so hard. Do you think there is a more spiritual reason for it?

A – "Your question was intuitive, spiritual and deep and the answer is – Yes. You carry a part of this core energy that was meant for this planet, and that is the reason you sometimes required to be in other places as well. It helps to elevate the level of awareness it that area since a big part of these people will not visit Israel. When you take your energy elsewhere, it is like planting a seed in the ground. We are here to encourage you, to give you a "push" of love to go on and not to go back. Just don't watch the news. Notice what you see and balance your life."

"Do you know what I love about Israel? We visited a certain village which I don't remember its name (Usfia) and the guide told us: "This is the place where Muslims, Christians and Jews live together and they all get along with each other". I want this message to reach the entire world. Not all here is about conflict and hatred and killing. It was something you don't see in the news and it was beautiful. Lemuria was the only culture that lived in peace for 20,000 years."

Q – So what has happened in the end?

A – When the poles melted we started to look for other places to live and so we blended with those other places of wars. We have the Aloha spirit and when you arrive here, you know her. She is part of us. It is in the soil, you must feel it (Oh, boy, I felt it….).

Q – So, do you live in paradise?

A – Yes! Hawaii is a real paradise.

More Honors

Kahuna tells us - "The islands of Hawaii where illegitimately joined to the US and that caused a lot of suffer and pain to the residents. Bill Clinton while he was the president of the US apologized to the Hawaiian people on this bad treatment we received which was the same to all the natives all over the world. In the 60, in the last century we started to demand our dignity and our culture all over again. Today we teach from scratch the culture and the language. When my mother was growing up it was forbidden to teach it. My grandmother spoke the language fluently but she was not allowed to teach her own children to speak it. I didn't speak the language as a child either.

There was a low that forced us to have a first Christian name so that the Hawaiian name was only the middle name. Even my name, Kaleii is my middle name. Even though I don't use my first name any more, it is written in my passport. The Hawaiian people started to rebel and now we call our children in Hawaiian names. Some of them are very long….a lot of our young people are studying the language and the dances. The fact that we bring back our culture brings a lot of joy into my heart.

The interesting part is that many are coming to study from us, the natives. They want to learn the right things we did, since we lived in harmony with the planet for so long. We love and honor the planet and we feel our connection with it. This is the message of the ancients to humanity. We have entangled relationships with the planet.

Our biology and the planet are one. We need to respect this planet, this mother energy, the feminine energy. It will end the wars, since the feminine energy is the energy that gives and nurtures life, not taking them away".

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